Penny Mallory, one of Britain’s top female mindset experts and inspirational speakers.

April 27, 2020 2:51 pm


Considered to be one of the top, British, female motivational speakers for inspiring and transforming lives, Penny Mallory, Motivation speaker UK can call upon her years of experience to justify and qualify herself in this demanding role.  As an elite part of the female Motorsport industry, a successful Rally Driver and a Performance Coach in various sectors Penny can easily call on her past to enthusiastically and wholeheartedly speak passionately about the future.,

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The male dominated sport of Rally Driving is a tough and difficult field in which to thrive but Mallory achieved the impossible and became amongst the top in her industry. The only Woman to compete for the Ford Rally Team in a World Rally Car, also becoming a successful mountaineer, a marathon runner and a boxer.  All sports normally associated within the male orientated fields of expertise she personifies the strong, successful female character.

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Penny Mallory is keen to show that an out of the box thinking philosophy and a tough mental attitude can help people succeed and prosper in their difficult and often stressful modern lifestyles.  Having a positive attitude, confidence and resilience as part of your new everyday philosophies can provide life-changing and sustainable results. Learning to control and manage stress will increase your personal productivity and provide well-being and happiness, that’s Mallorie’s mantra and it has inspired thousands of people to listen to her advice and change their lives.