Is it a hoist or a winch for this job?

May 2, 2020 2:53 pm


If you need something lifted and pulled then you need a hoist or winch. You can combine the two to make a powerful tool. To the untrained eye they look pretty much the same but there are some subtle differences that will enable you to tell them apart should you ever need to. A hoist lifts and winch pulls. So hoist winch or one that does both, which is it to be?

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If you have a load that is cumbersome , of a large tonnage and you need to pull it then you need to use a winch. You will need to consult with a specialist in this because you need to have the right winch for the job. If you select one that is underpowered you are going to find that the lord will go nowhere and all you will get is a broken winch.

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If you need to lift a heavy item then you will require the services of an industrial hoist. Even then you need a bet of maths because you only need one if the incline is over forty five degrees. A hoist has a braking system that makes it a bit easy to control but you are certainly looking at getting in an expert to help.