Coronavirus and the lockdown in England

April 22, 2020 5:26 pm


The Coronavirus or Covid 19 as this terrible pandemic has become known, as it invades the Countries, Cities and towns of our World has been amongst us since the beginning of the year. Already more than 2.5 million human beings have been infected by this deadly strain of virus and 178.000 deaths have been recorded!  Usually only causing disease in animals this particular viral strain made the jump to people and the worst possible outcome occurred.  With symptoms ranging from as little as a mild flue like cough and cold to incredibly severe and deadly serious respiratory syndrome and ultimately possible death.

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Our Doctors, nurses and everybody in the National Health Service are working twenty-four hours a day to treat patients and administer care to anybody affected. The Intensive Care Units of all our hospitals have been dedicated to supporting these seriously ill Covid patients, often only being able to breathe with the aid of ventilators.  The highly trained and dedicated staff nursing them all wear the correct PPE Equipment or Personal, Protective Equipment as we’ve all come to know it.

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The Lockdown that we have all been experiencing has brought about the closure of schools, businesses, shops, cinemas, restaurants and put a stop to sports and family gatherings.  Staying home, only going out to purchase essential shopping or medical supplies, wearing gloves, masks and keeping a 2-meter distance from anybody we meet outside the relative safety of our homes has become the new “NORMAL”.  “Stay Home, Protect the N.H.S. and Save Lives”.