How to choose your letting agent

April 24, 2020 5:30 pm


So you are thinking about renting out your property or perhaps you have a portfolio of properties that need managing, how do you go about choosing the right letting agent for you. Here are our top tips:

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  • Location – one of the ways to ensure that you get a quick response when it comes to having issue at your property dealt with as well as viewings with tenants and having inventories completed quickly by those who have had Property Inventory Training it is best to choose an agency that is in the location of your property.
  • Level of service – depending on whether you are looking for a letting agent to carry out tenancy services and to create tenancy agreements or whether you are looking for additional property management services you might want to choose your agency based on the levels of service that they can offer you.

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  • Repairs and Maintenance – a letting agent that carries out regular inspections on your behalf and consults with you regarding any routine maintenance or emergency repairs that need to take place will help to free up your time and take away any unnecessary hassles and see that any issues are dealt with quickly.