Making ready for a disaster.

April 28, 2020 2:13 pm


Running a small to medium business is hard enough at the best of times. What then do you do if there is some kind of natural or human disaster? It can have a terrible impact on a business of any size be it, say an earthquake to a general power loss to your building. In that incidence you could get a Generator Rental firm to help you but what other steps can you take to ensure that you get through with as little affect as possible?

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  1. Have a plan in place. It may not take a whole day deciding it but it is a good idea to have something for if the worst happens. The best thing to do is to play through some scenarios and do a bit of research. Can people work from home or at a hub site? What Government and Local authority help can you count on? Make sure that your insurance policy covers all eventualities. That may not always be possible but it is a good idea to discuss with the insurers where you stand and what additional cover, if any.

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There are somethings in life that we just cannot plan for but with these two key points should help you make a start.