Why Living Around Nature Is Good for You

September 2, 2020 6:51 am


Do you love the fast pace of city living and all the buzz and excitement? Or do you prefer the quiet restful life close to nature and the peace and relaxation that it can bring – taking a country walk, listening to the birdsong and watching the dappled sunlight on woodland paths?

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It may surprise you to know that even if you enjoy the bright lights, being close to nature has a remarkable effect on our well-being. Scientists are researching the effect of nature on us and have discovered many positive effects that show we can improve our mental health and reduce stress levels by being in a natural environment. The calming effect of being close to nature and trees has even resulted in a new health practice known as forest bathing – a Japanese relaxation technique where being quiet amongst the trees has been scientifically shown to reduce stress levels and give mental health a boost.

Here are some ways that being close to nature can improve your well-being:

Memory and Mood Buster

It’s been shown that spending quiet time in a natural environment has a positive effect on our mood and helps boost our memory.

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Improved Sleep Patterns

Relaxing in a natural environment can improve sleep patterns, helping you achieve restful sleep by improving the quality of deep sleep patterns that have a restorative effect on our health.

Improve Your Attitude

People who live close to nature are more relaxed and tend to have a more caring attitude to those around them. Maybe it’s the quieter pace of life or the fact that their mental health and sleep patterns are boosted by the green environment that puts them in a more sociable frame of mind and able to get on well with people around them.

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