How do tapping machines work?

May 11, 2020 3:53 pm


Tapping Machines are used in many different industries but especially in the manufacture and shaping of metal. UK Tapping Machines work by allowing screws and nails to be inserted into two adjoining pieces of metal with strong force creating a better bonding of the two pieces.

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The difference between tapping in screws and bolts compared to drilling a hole and then inserting the screw is that a thread is created in the hole when the tapping machine is used, whereas a drill will create a standard smooth hole that the screw is then put into. The thread created by the taping machine makes for the fastening off the screw holding together the pieces of metal to be stronger than that of a standard fastening.

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There are a number of different tapping machines that can be used including electric machines and pneumatic machines. The machine that will work best for you will depend on your manufacturing needs and the metals that you are using. You can also find them in differing sizes, depending on the space that you have available for them in your industrial unit and also in differing strengths, again depending on the metals and materials that you are needing to fasten together.