Student accommodation on film.

September 24, 2020 10:27 am


If the Hollywood film industry is to be believed then the life of a College student is one long glorious wacky three years of partying with absolutely no consequences at all. A case in point is the film Animal House by John Landis in 1978. This “homage” to Sixties college life set a standard that many others would try to copy even to this day in films such as Road Trip, Dude where’s my car and Van Wilder, Party Planner. To be clear the reality is very different and a visit to this Student Accommodation Cheltenham based company will illustrate that.

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The film starts with two prospective Freshman looking to join a Fraternity house for the remainder of their college careers. At first they try the snobby Omega Theta Pi’s where it is clear they are not welcome. The house is immaculate and well maintained but ultimately deeply boring. They then try Delta House. This is an anarchic collective of hard partying students who intend to cheat and generally enjoy themselves immensely before they have to leave.

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However, the sneaky Omegas switch an exam paper that the Deltas have stolen for the answers. Their grades drop to levels so low that if they mess up one more time their charter will be revoked. Another wild party ensures and they are out of Faber college. In revenge they destroy the town’s parade in some of the most amazing scenes ever recorded on film. Launching the careers of Jim Belushi, Tom Hulce and a very young Kevin Bacon it has stood the test of time very well and is even funnier than some of it’s more contemporary copies.