Willis Carrier, the Father of Modern Air Conditioning

October 5, 2021 6:25 am


Nowadays we take the modern air conditioning unit for granted – on a hot day in the office or in our homes we simply flick the switch, and we are rewarded with a pleasant breeze of air, cooled perfectly to our chosen temperature. The man we have to thank for this modern innovation is the American inventor Willis Carrier, who in 1902, came up with this world changing invention…

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When a printing company in Brooklyn were having problems with the humidity of the air in their factory affecting the quality of the paper that they produced, Willis Carrier set about coming up with something that would solve this problem for them. He came up with the air conditioning system – the design which modern air conditioning systems are still based on – and solved the problem for the print company.

By moving the hot air out of the room and pumping it outside, whilst air that is pumped back in through a copper pipe like this https://watkinspowis.co.uk/products/copper-pipe-fittings-and-press-systems/ then pumps air into the compressor where a chemical called the refrigerant cools the air and pumps it back into the room.

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This idea was not surprisingly a huge hit, and it was such as success that it was not just American companies that wanted to purchase an air conditioning system for themselves, it was companies all over the world. From preserving historical artwork, to keeping theatres and cinemas cool and comfortable, air conditioning has completely changed the way that we can operate for the better.