How Does a Care Home Compare to Assisted Living?

May 26, 2020 11:31 am


The question is usually asked in an attempt to find out which is better. While it is easy to look at a facility and get a quick opinion on it, this is not the right way to judge one against another. It is important to look at the type of services that each provides, the quality of their staff, how accessible they are, what their environment is like, how clean the rooms are, the amenities provided, etc.

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Each of these factors can make a big difference in how well a care home works for the patients that live there. For example, how far is it from the facility to the patients’ bedrooms? This is important because some patients are often times afraid of the distance and do not want to be alone. But if they are in an assisted living facility or care home, then it can help to relax the patient and take some of the anxiety away. They will have someone who is close by that they can talk to and can feel comfortable with.

Another option is for a person to remain in their own home but have a carer come to stay with them. This can be on a long-term or short-term respite basis. For more information on Live in Care Bristol, visit a site like Live in Care, providers of professional Live in Care Bristol

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The other difference between the two is that a care home provides medical treatment, whereas an assisted living facility is more about helping out with custodial matters and less about physical and mental well-being.