The last great event on TV

July 2, 2020 1:53 pm


In this age of choice and digital channels the TV event is becoming a thing of the past. At one time if you wanted to see a show or a national event it was televised. If you missed it then that was tough luck, unless they decided to repeat it if it was a TV show. You were totally at the whim of the schedule directors.

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The times when we as a family would huddle around the TV to watch the final of It’s a Knockout, the World Cup final, the Eurovision Song contest or a Royal wedding have gone. With the event of digital plus one channels and streaming TV we choose when we watch and what we watch.

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To date one event holds the record for the most watched event on Television in the UK. It is a day that  you would want to make sure that a TV Aerials Cardiff, Bristol, Swindon or anywhere else would want to be working. It is the 1966 World cup final. To date the it remans at 32 million the most watched television event. It is very closely followed by sadder event in the country. This is the funeral of the peoples Princess Diana.