The opposite Emotions of Love and Hate!

July 1, 2020 5:31 pm


Nearly everybody in the World has had the dream of meeting their perfect partner and soulmate and falling in Love.  Companies like using TQT Studies have researched conditions of the heart but not even the greatest scientist can truly explain real love.  The passion, commitment, joy, tenderness and romance of two people who genuinely love each other is an incredibly strong bond. Two kindred spirits and souls who find each other and stay together until one or both of them pass on from our earthly World.

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Marriage is not always part and parcel of this true love bond but many couples are happily married and stay together for more than 50 years.

The opposite side of the spectrum is the just as strong, powerful emotion of Hate!  Unfortunately, there is always going to be people in our sometimes-sad World that are capable of pure hate!  Lonely and sometimes burdened down with hurt from a violent past these unfortunate victims often become consumed by feelings of hatred.

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The negative emotion of Hate is just as powerful as the positive emotion of Love, sometimes those who have loved each other can grow apart and feelings of love and respect can turn to feelings of hate and loathing.  This is a common but difficult situation to deal with especially if there are children conceived into this once loving but now toxic relationship. The genuine love for your children hopefully is enough to put personal issues aside and turn away from hate and distrust to form a mutual and amicable, co-operation in order to support and protect those children.