How to Manage the Menopause

December 11, 2020 3:31 pm


The menopause is a time that comes in every woman’s life, where periods stop, and the body can no longer become pregnant or have a baby. The age at which this happens is usually between 45-55, but some women do get it earlier – this is known as premature menopause, but only around 1% of women have this.

A lot of women struggle as their body starts to go through the menopause as it can cause changes to the body and symptoms such as vaginal dryness, decreased libido and hot flushes. The symptoms can vary between women, so what is normal for one person won’t necessarily be how another woman experiences the menopause.

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Some women find the symptoms of the menopause overwhelming and difficult to deal with. They can have a big negative impact on their daily life, so when this is the case you should go and see your GP who will be able to help with this.

Because the symptoms of the menopause are caused by a drop in oestrogen levels, a GP will be able to offer you hormone replacement therapy which is known as HRT – this can alleviate the worst of the symptoms.

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As well as this it is important that during this phase of life, you eat a balanced and healthy diet, and exercise daily – keeping active is a good way to keep your mood good.

Many women also swear by maca powder – many are looking where to buy maca powder such as this as it is an incredibly healthy natural remedy for menopause symptoms.