What is involved in a fire risk assessment

September 25, 2020 5:51 pm


Fire risk assessments need to be undertaken where you run a business or operate a premises where you have employees and visitors attending. Although it is relatively simple to work through the process of conducting a risk assessment it is worth considering using a Fire Risk Assessment Gloucester company to complete this for you. They can walk through the risk assessment with and then help you with any measures that you  need to implement to reduce the fire risks in your premises.

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Here is what is involved.


  • Identifying fire hazards in your building
  • Looking to who could be harmed and in what way and how severe this harm could be. A numbered scale can be used for this with a key identifying each number.
  • Evaluation of all the risks and controls that you can put in place
  • A record of the above along with an implementation of the measures.
  • A review of the risk assessment on a yearly basis or whenever an incident occurs where a hazard that has been identified in your risk assessment occurs.

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When looking at the measures you can put in place it is important to consider the following areas:


  • Fire alarms and warning systems
  • Fire doors and exits
  • The exit routes during a fire
  • Fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets as well as any sprinkler or automist systems that you have in place.
  • The plan for evacuation in an emergency