How to impress your special dinner date with a tasty, home cooked meal

May 28, 2022 5:22 pm


When a couple first start dating, they tend to go out together for a drink, or to the cinema, ten pin bowling perhaps or a meal in a restaurant.  If you are past that point in your relationship and want to impress your date and potential future life partner, why not think about cooking them a tasty, home-made meal?  A surprise is a lovely idea, but in reality, do you really know what your new love interest likes to eat?  Do they have any dietary issues or allergies?  What is their favourite starter, main course, and desert?    Do they drink red, white, or rose wine, what if they prefer beer or maybe a non-alcoholic drink with their food?  Once you have established a menu of what you are going to cook, concoct a list of fresh, local ingredients so that you know whatever you prepare will be well sourced and tasty, if you cook it well. Try not to just buy your chosen food from the supermarket, venture out of your comfort zone and try your local farm shop, butchers, fruit retailer and bakery.

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Once you have everything you need to cook your carefully chosen menu, start with preparing the desert.  Maybe a simple, light, and delicate meringue, served with fresh fruit compote, accompanied with refreshing ice cream.  This can all be stored safely in your fridge while you prepare the mains and starter. Don’t get carried away and experiment with something you’ve never cooked before. Keep it simple and invest in a quality set of saucepans that have been coated with a special HVOF finish, that way the stir-fried chicken and rice won’t stick to the base and burn!  These elite saucepans may have been finished by a company such as

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For a light, easy to assemble starter that actually needs very little cooking, what about a few slices of succulent, ice cold melon topped with crispy pancetta?  A nice glass or two of their favourite tipple to wash everything down and your evening dinner is ready to go. Make sure to lay your table with a fresh, linen tablecloth, clean place mats, your silver cutlery, and napkins.  Use your best china plates and delicate wine glasses.  Your date will be blown away by the amount of thought and effort you have put into your evening together.