Back and neck pain isn’t an inevitability

November 25, 2020 4:35 am


A frequent source of back and neck pain is sitting at a desk, mostly because you adjust to your workstation rather than the other way around. Many people, for example, find that their computer screen is too far away, too close, too big, too small or too dark and all of these issues can cause problems with your back, neck and shoulders as well as straining your eyes. Reaching to see the screen property causes problems with your posture. It can also affect your breathing and the way that you feel, in addition to straining the joints and muscles in your neck and shoulders.

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Redesign the office to facilitate a well-aligned stance in order to relieve the tension that can be present. There are several means of enhancing the ergonomics of a traditional workstation: to result in better performance and comfort level. If your current desk is not working out well you can find Next Day delivery desks from great companies and you can click here to Find out more


Here are some questions to ask yourself and then rectify to make your seating position at your desk more comfortable.

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  • Is your computer positioned so that, without straining, you can see it well?


Boost the display or your chair or drop it so that your eyes are aligned with the top of the computer screen.You can lower the display another 1 to 2 inches if you wear bifocals.

If you  need to, increase the size of fonts you use rather than moving the screen closer to you.


  • Is there a place for your mouse and keyboard so that you don’t have to stretch to access them?


Drop the height of your desk or lift your chair so that your forearms are slightly backward or parallel to the floor and your wrists do not point either upward or downward. You should not have to reach long distances to comfortably work with your keyboard or mouse and it should not affect your sitting posture.