What is Chlamydia Screening?

April 7, 2021 6:55 am


Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease. It is highly possible that you have been exposed to the infection if you have multiple sexual partners or are in a situation where your partner has been diagnosed with it. If you think you may have contracted chlamydia, or another STD, you should get a test at your doctor’s office or health clinic as soon as possible. Early detection of this condition dramatically reduces the chances of further spread and any long-term health issues arising from an untreated infection. For the privacy of Greenwich Home STI kits, visit Greenwich Sexual Health

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The most common method of chlamydia testing is to obtain a urine or urethral swab for testing. The physician will look for visible or dark blood spots in the urine, which could indicate the presence of an infection. A culture can be taken to determine if infection is present. Your test results will be received quickly and if positive, treatment can begin straight away.

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Most health care providers offer routine chlamydia testing. In some instances, you may need to have tests more frequently, particularly if you change partners frequently. If you feel that you are at a higher risk of contracting chlamydia, you should speak to a sexual health advisor. Regular testing helps to reduce the spread of this disease. Your GP can also give you information on where to go for testing, and can help you arrange it so that you can schedule it when convenient for you.