Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit

April 1, 2021 5:09 am


Tips for maintaining your air conditioning unit are important in order to keep your unit in good working condition. Air conditioning units are used all over the world and if not maintained properly they can lead to expensive repairs and your unit being out of action when you need it most. These tips are meant to give you advice on how to make your unit run smoothly without compromising on comfort. This way you can save some money as well.

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When you first buy an air-conditioning unit, you should take proper care to note all the components that make up the unit. For example, the compressor is usually located above the thermostat box, while the refrigerant tank is beneath the compressor. Next you should pay close attention to the circuit breaker settings. While it may seem trivial, these are actually very important and should be handled with great care. For Air conditioning Gloucester, visit ACCEC

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The last tip for maintaining your air conditioning unit is to check the fluid levels. This is important because low levels of coolant will affect the performance of the air conditioning unit. It is recommended that you change the coolant about once every month or even more often if you use the unit heavily. The coolant level must be checked while the compressor is not running and then the level must be checked while the compressor is running. This is done with a dipstick. The dipstick will show you the coolant level.