How to Wear Olive Green

May 6, 2020 2:01 pm


How to Wear Olive Green

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Olive green is a much under-rated colour. You will be surprised when you introduce it to your wardrobe just how many other colours it complements. It is a very sophisticated colour which flatters most complexions. It can work well with complementary green hues and of course with black, cream, and white. A few generations ago the laws of good dressing had codes which were not to be ignored at any cost – one of which was the adage that ‘blue and green should not be seen’. But be gone, those incorrect rules! Blue and green, as we well know, can work exceptionally well together if the tonal hues of both colours are complementary. Hello Olive Green, meet your new best friend Navy Blue.

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How to Wear Olive GreenOlive Trousers

So now that you know which colours will complement your olive pieces, we need to look at which key pieces work well in green. Trousers (chinos) in olive always look great. And for those of you unfortunate enough not to have a skin tone that works with olive, this is the way to slip it in to your wardrobe.

Next, what to complement your chinos with? They will always look effortlessly great with a pair of plimsolls. Street style is big for 2018. A t-shirt for that casual look or a shirt if the occasion demands – black, white or cream all work well. If your wardrobe doesn’t already have a substantial pile of black, white and cream t-shirts and sweats, that needs to be addressed when purchasing those green chinos.

Another option worth considering is olive jeans. Harder to find, and not to everyone’s taste, but worth considering. Or, if more your style, cargo pants. These have been around in green for an eternity for good reason.

According to Colour-Affects, green is a very restful colour. It sits easy on the eye. Wearing it has many positive effects on our state of wellbeing. Read more about that here:

Don’t Block Green – Wear It Well

Green is a very confident colour, so it does need breaking up. If you decide to be brave and bold and go for a green shirt with green trousers, break up the green mass with a cream t-shirt.