Top five skills of commercial chefs

May 6, 2020 1:59 pm


Top five skills of commercial chefs

Commercial chefs train for several years to ensure they meet the highest standards; however, there are traits that make some chefs stand out more than others. Let’s take a look at the top five skills that every good commercial chef needs to have:

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Knife skills

Exceptional knife skills are the hallmark of every good chef. Whether expertly trimming fat off the bone, carving meat into wafer-thin slices or simply preparing or cutting raw or cooked meat, this skill is vital. It is not just meat that a good chef must be able to prepare; in addition, fish, chicken and any other produce needs to be sliced correctly. Superior knife skills also ensure that all cuts are quick, clean and competed with precision, and that portion sizes remain consistent.


The best chefs in the world know exactly how to work with flavour. Their food is never over-seasoned or bland; it is always just right. Using the right amount of seasoning is a consummate skill, and complementing the flavours of a dish correctly is something that every top chef will know and understand implicitly.

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For a chef, cleanliness is next to godliness. Whether it is the understanding of how the commercial refrigeration units need to be kept clean or the knowledge of how different foods can contaminate one another, keeping neat and tidy is essential.


From following timelines to the second to preparing multiple dishes at once and remembering long recipes, a good chef must be precise. Their manner must never be sloppy and they must be able to act quickly and efficiently at every turn. From the way in which they set up their kitchen to the manner in which they cook, precision always plays a part.


Chefs know how to work under pressure and this skill is something that comes into play almost every day. Being able to adapt and perform in any situation is key, especially when working in a restaurant where the pace is fast and service is frenetic. Being able to work under pressure means being consistent and never faltering. Every dish must come out the same, even if created in a hurry, and patrons should never notice a difference between food made during peak times and when it is quieter.