Top tips for wedding photography…from a professional wedding photographer

May 6, 2020 1:56 pm


wedding photography tips

Wedding photography is a big business. The opportunity to capture the most important day of any couple’s life is precious and comes with a lot of responsibility.

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With a report in Chron suggesting that wedding photographers can make ‘substantial salaries’, there is clearly money to be made down this career path but only if you are a talented and dedicated photographer. Messing up just one wedding can leave you with a reputation that can end your career. So what tips do you need to know when it comes to capturing a wedding on camera?

Know your style

Keeping a detailed portfolio to show prospective clients is imperative. This will give them a taste of your unique style when it comes to shooting a wedding. You can work with clients to an extent to meet their requirements but don’t be afraid to turn work down if you feel like their vision deviates too far away from your personal style. Staying true to your work and developing a specific style will eventually make you a more desirable photographer for those who appreciate it.

Chip in

Weddings can be chaotic and stressful affairs so don’t be afraid to chip in and get involved with other aspects that help the day run smoothly. Yes, you’re there to photograph the wedding but if the page boys need their buttonholes attaching or the bridesmaid left her bag in the wedding car then don’t be afraid to jump in and help out. This will say a lot about your personality as well as your professionalism.

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wedding photography tipsDon’t be afraid to travel

Cast your net far and wide when it comes to shooting weddings. Advertise yourself as a destination photographer rather than just a wedding photographer. This will give you great experience of shooting in a variety of settings and enhance your skill set.

Understand there’s more than just the photos

If you want to make it as a professional photographer then, ironically, you’ll need to learn it isn’t just about the pictures. As you grow your own business you’ll need to consider admin duties, marketing, finances and networking. Of course, your passion still lies in capturing great photos but to make a successful business you’ll need to consider these invaluable aspects too.