How to safely use an electric chainsaw

August 26, 2020 4:03 pm


Electric chainsaws can be seen as the slightly less aggressive cousins of the petrol chainsaws. Only slightly less aggressive because although they are lighter, easier to handle, quieter and cheaper they still provide significant power.

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Jobs like pruning small branches and the felling of smaller trees are easily handled with an electric chainsaw.

Electric chainsaws are very useful but they are also dangerous in the wrong hands or if used incorrectly. Therefore it is extremely important that certain steps are taken both before and whilst using them.

Read the manual

It may sound obvious but even experienced electric chainsaw users should always read the manual of a model with which they are unfamiliar. Whilst most things are likely to be the same or very similar, there will be differences and knowing what these are can make the difference between safe handling and an avoidable accident.

One of the key pieces of information that will be contained in the manual will be maintenance requirements. All garden tools should be regularly maintained. This will ensure their performance and safety over the years. Even for brands known for their longevity such as Mountfield spares are required on occasion. These can be easily sourced from suppliers such as

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Using the chainsaw

When the chainsaw is to be used care should be taken to ensure that the blade reservoir is full of the oil recommended by the manufacturer.

Before starting the chainsaw the appropriate safety gear should always be put on and the chainsaw should always be started facing away from the user and any other person or object.

Once the chainsaw has been safely started the chain should be properly lubricated. Depending upon the model this will happen with running time or there may be a pump that needs to be activated. Full instructions will be in the manual.

Prior to using the chainsaw for its intended purpose, it is always wise to practice on a spare branch or piece of wood. This will allow the force of the chainsaw to be felt and its use to be adjusted appropriately.

Chainsaws should always be used from the blade’s centre. Using the tip of the chainsaw blade is not advised. When using the chainsaw only slight downward pressure should be applied to allow the chain to do the cutting effectively.