A beginner’s guide to digital visitor management systems

February 12, 2021 3:03 pm


Essentially a digital version of the visitor sign-in sheet or log-in book used by businesses for years, visitor management systems offer increased security whilst speeding up the process.

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A digital visitor management system UK comprises software, a printer, and badges for visitors. There is the option to add extras such as cameras (so that you can instantly add your visitor’s photo to their badge, thereby increasing security), card scanners (saving the time of typing in the details from a form of ID or business card and ensuring accuracy), and barcode scanners (a barcode can be added to the badge and quickly scanned when your visitor leaves the premises).

You can explore the possibilities available through a visitor management system UK by contacting a reputable provider.

A simple process

A digital management system is a highly efficient means of keeping track of visitors to your business. When a visitor arrives, the receptionist can take their ID or business card to enter or scan in their details, which are saved to the system and a visitor badge is printed. When your visitor is ready to leave, the badge is returned to the receptionist, who can update the system to show that the visitor has left.

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Advantages of the system

Using a digital visitor management system UK enables you to securely store and analyse visitor data, and you be able to instantly see who was on your premises at a particular time. This can offer protection in the event of emergency, theft or security issues. Furthermore, the automated nature of such systems frees your receptionist to focus on other tasks, increasing productivity.

The environment will also benefit, as a digital system cuts out the need for paper log-in books. This also means that physical storage space for your old log-in books is no longer required. These systems may even save you money on admin or staffing costs, especially if you have an unmanned reception. In these health-conscious pandemic times, a digital visitor management system can help to keep staff and visitors safe by allowing contactless signing in and out.

Using a digital visitor management system is by far the best method for tracking visitors to your premises. These systems are highly practical and versatile and offer benefits to a range of workplaces as diverse as schools and building sites, making them the ideal choice.