Thermal Plasma Spray is an impressive process

May 28, 2020 3:43 pm


One of the many processes available to customers is that of the Thermal Plasma Spray.  This is a process where a super heated material, such as a Nickel sulfate or plastic polymer composites, is sprayed on a subject, or substrates, over a set period. The continuous spraying means that the level of protection and thickness is regulated.

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It scores over several other processes such as electroplating especially in the cases where the substrate to be protected is flammable. Despite the super heated nature of the spray it cools on contact with the substrate. The best company to contact in regard to this is as they are very well placed to advise you on what the most applicable coating process for your particular substrate is.

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There are a variety of ways in which a thermal spray is develived to the substrate in this manner. In the past the most recognised was using an arc welder but from the nineteen seventies onwards this was replaced by the much safer process of thermal spray. This also saw the development of the Thermal spray gun that fires the material at high speed and high temperature. This allows the user to direct the flow at specific points and particular places that need higher coverage.