All you need to know about the soil beneath your feet

May 28, 2020 3:45 pm


Soil is much more than the dirt that we plant our flowers in. It is what gives you the food that we eat, either as a direct result of planting or allowing animals to graze. There are times when soil can become contaminated with chemicals and other materials that means it needs the services of a Soil Remediation Service and this is where Soilfix can help.

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Soil is the top layer of the earth’s crust and it was created millions and millions of years ago. Uit is made up of organic particles, rock particles, air and water as well as a number of microorganisms. In fact it is thought that over 10 billion microorganisms can be found in just one average handful of soil!

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Soil is split into three distinct layers including the topsoil, subsoil and regolith.  Topsoil is the dark coloured soil that we see on the surface and is made up of a high percentage of organic matter from leaves through to animal matter. Below this is the subsoil which is a lighter colour as less organic matter is found in this layer. Finally below this is the regolith layer which is deep down and made up of a tiny amount of organic matter from beneath the surface and large amounts of rock.