You don’t need to join the gym to get fit – Other ways to have fun and get fit!

May 6, 2020 2:18 pm


Home Gym

If you are stuck in a bit of rut, wanting to get fit but fear the pricy gym membership and boring treadmills, don’t worry – there are plenty more fun ways to get fit without even setting foot in a gym! If the gym is not for you (there are plenty of people who would agree with you!) try out one of these ideas to get fit and more importantly have fun at the same time…

Swimming – Whether you can swim or not, swimming is a great way to get fit as it uses all of your body and it can also be very relaxing just being in the water. If you are not a confident swimmer, join a learn to swim class – there are many adults who didn’t learn to swim as a childhood, and it is not only a fun way to get fit, but will give you confidence in the water too.

Revisit your favourite sport, or take up a sport you have always wanted to – When you were a kid you probably had a favourite sport, before work and house work took over. Why not re-visit it? Whether it was cricket, rugby or tennis, have a look for your local team online and contact them about joining. Soccer is a great team sport and if you are looking to make friends and fun, it is a great sport to take up.

Make a home gym – If you want to do more exercise but the gym is too far from you, why not convert a room into your home into a mini gym? It doesn’t have to be expensive, have a look on second hand sites or in your local newspaper for gym machines to buy. If you have a spare room, use that, if not how about a garage or even an attic space. Working out at home gives you the freedom to choose when you want to do it as well, so no more worrying about peak and off peak hours or costly membership fees – once you have the equipment, the gym is your oyster!