How Damaging is Lead to the Environment?

April 19, 2021 1:49 pm


Lead is one of the most destructive metals that we use in so many of our products. Unfortunately, this metal is used so much that we can no longer control its consumption. It’s everywhere and it does a lot of damage to the environment.

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The EPA estimates that approximately three billion pounds of lead is used in the United States alone each year. Three billion pounds is a lot of lead! Lead can seep into water supplies and poison fish, it can seep into groundwater, and it can even get into your food. The worst part is, lead can be absorbed by humans through their skin, which means that there are huge amounts of lead inside of our bodies right now. If you do not take proper lead preventative measures then you could expose yourself and your family to amounts of lead, without even realising it. Find out more about the benefits of Soil Remediation Company at Soilfix

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Children who play outside also put themselves at risk for lead poisoning. Lead is easily absorbed through the skin, and infants have been identified in pregnant women who took lead-based medicines. Women who were pregnant during the time that lead was used in gasoline have suffered from lead poisoning as well. You cannot escape this fact. The only way to avoid it is to keep your family protected and your environment safe.