What Does a Support Worker Do?

April 23, 2021 6:05 pm


The first definition of support work in care services is the person who looks after your health or that of your loved one, in times of crisis. These people provide aid when you are ill, suffering from an injury or are otherwise unable to look after yourself. They also give emotional support to those who are experiencing long-term illness or hardship. They assist those in crisis by giving encouragement and companionship as well as emotional care. For information about Homecare Stroud, go to a site like Take Five Homecare

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The second definition of a support worker is a person who has an understanding and background in social service work. The support worker may also have a role as a disseminator of information on specific services or resources that a client is entitled to. In some cases they may also have a role as a field officer, acting as a representative of the agency in a matter of professional practice.

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The third definition of these professionals is that they have the ability to provide a wide range of services to their clients in addition to the basic support skills listed above. Support workers may also have skills in human resources administration, budgeting, time management, and organisational skills. Their work will generally involve working with clients to identify needs and set up a personalised support plan. The ultimate objective is to enhance the individual’s ability to attain maximum independence and enjoy a good quality of life.