Gardening in Small Spaces

June 29, 2021 4:46 am


What is creative Gardening? It is simply the use of all natural, seasonal resources to grow plants and flowers in small spaces. The goal is to create a garden that is easy to care for and aesthetically pleasing. When gardening in small spaces you must be creative and resourceful to use the smallest available space to produce beautiful, colorful flowers, while being sure not to overcrowd the yard. Park Homes Gloucestershire are the perfect place when retired to do this. Take a look at Park Home Life for some ideas.

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Vegetable Gardening Small Spaces Takes vegetable gardening to small spaces by planning your plantings ahead of time. How much product do you want to grow? Buy smaller containers so you can easily grow a harvest in each one. Plan to plant all vegetables that you plan to eat, such as tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms, squash and other members of the zucchini family; however, you may consider freezing some of your greens until the spring when you are able to harvest them. Consider using rich soil, compost and water to assist your plants in establishing themselves.

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Flower Gardening When planning your flower gardens in small spaces, think about the size and species of flowers you would like to grow. Do you prefer perennials or annuals? Consider planting hardy flowers that can survive the four seasons of the year. Some perennials that can survive the four seasons are tulips, daffodils, blue star and daisies that can tolerate more frequent pruning throughout the growing year.