Four Places in the Office that you Need to Pay Special Attention to Cleaning

April 27, 2022 2:59 pm


Since the pandemic, something that we are all aware of is the importance of hygiene. In the workplace, where there are many people all together in one place this is a particularly important thing to remember. It is a good idea to have a professional cleaning company like this contract cleaning Cheltenham based service come and give your office a thorough professional clean regularly, but staff also need to pay attention to keeping the office clean.

Here are the four places where it is particularly important to focus on…

Desks – Desks are areas that are used and touched a lot, and there are many items on a desk that can harbour germs. The keyboard is the number one place in an office for being particularly dirty, so this is something that should have special attention to cleaning. A good way to reduce the germs and bacteria on a desk is to refrain from eating at desks, as the food crumbs can drop and get trapped in keyboards and other places on the desk and around it.

Toilets – Office toilets typically tend to be used by a lot of people, so it is important that good hygiene standards are upheld. As well as regular cleaning of the toilets and facilities themselves, ensure that there are always plenty of items available to staff to use for hygiene. From toilet rolls to soap, this should always be available to use.

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Kitchen Area – An office kitchen will be the place for many people to prepare and eat their food. Making sure that this is clean, and tidy will prevent a lot of people from getting sick. Correctly storing food is important – a fridge should be provided where people can keep food cool, and this should be cleaned regularly to prevent germs building up. Areas where people eat should also be very clean, and all surfaces and food preparation areas will need to be spotless.

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Reception – The reception area is not only one of the busiest places of a company but also the first impressions are formed here for visitors – so it is important to give the right one! Clear away clutter in reception, make sure that floors and surfaces are regularly cleaned and provide comfortable seating for visitors in the reception area.