The Best Reasons to Invest in Quality Laminate Flooring

May 6, 2020 2:07 pm


laminate flooring

Laminate is a great way to enhance the look of a room and give it a completely different feel. Whether you’re looking to refresh your home before putting it on the market or just want to change your flooring, a laminate floor can bring enormous benefits.

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Low Maintenance

Not only is laminate quick and easy to install, but once fitted it’s also extremely low maintenance and is a practical solution if you have children or pets. You can either give it a wipe with soapy water or simply use a dustpan and brush to give it a quick sweep.

Long Lasting

If you’re looking for durable flooring then laminate is the ideal solution, as it doesn’t suffer from some of the issues that can affect the look of alternative materials. For instance, real wood floors can warp from the humidity or water damage and are prone to fading from the sun, whereas carpets can become stained or worn when they’re used in heavy traffic areas of the house.


One of the benefits of laminate flooring is that it’s available in a range of colours and styles, which makes it very versatile and allows you to match it with the decor of individual rooms. There is now the choice of laminate that has a similar look to hardwood, as well as those products with a tile or vinyl effect, and there are many online suppliers, where you can browse through the different ranges.


The use of laminate in residential properties is continuing to increase, with the market up by 2% between 2014 and 2015, and this is largely down to the flexibility that it offers to homeowners. This isn’t just a material that can be used in the living or dining room and the fact that it is resistant to moisture means you can fit it in kitchens and bathrooms as well, where real wood flooring would struggle to stand up to the excessive demands.

Cost Effective

One of the main advantages of a laminate floor is that it’s more affordable than both engineered and real wood flooring, whilst still managing to offer durability and a long lifespan. This makes it ideal for property owners who want to give their home a clean and modern look, but don’t have a large budget.