In search of the Kew 50p coin

May 11, 2020 9:27 pm


Ever wondered how a fifty pence coin could actually be worth anywhere between £15 to £200 pounds? It could even be more if you have it in a presentation case. You might well be thinking, “I’ve got a couple of 50p’s in my wallet right now. Are they worth more than a quid?”. Probably not, but if you look on the tails side of a 50p coin you might see something interesting. If you see a tower surrounded by a circular climbing vine you should start to get excited as you may have found one of the legendary Kew Gardens 50p.

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Ask any number of UK Coin dealers and they will tell you that it’s a real hot coin with a great growth potential for future trading. If it’s worth that now what will its future value be? You might be wondering what’s getting all of these numismatist’s so hot under the collar?

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In 2009 the Royal mint produced a series of coins with different designs on them. There was even a collectors book to put them in. One of these was the Kew Gardens coin and only two hundred and ten thousand were produced. Whilst that might seem like a lot consider the amount of coins in total circulation. This makes the coin incredibly rare, if you get one, which is unlikely, keep it.