Your payment options when buying mobile phones

January 18, 2022 3:43 am


If you are looking to get a new mobile phone from a Vodafone Cavan company such as, you might be wondering what the different payment options are.

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Phone only – this option means that you buy the phone outright and are not tied to any particular phone provider. This is sometimes the option that people take if they are looking to buy business mobile phones and are putting the purchase against their business expenses. Depending on the type of phone that you buy it can work out cheaper than a contract, but you will not have your mobile data and your calls and texts included in this price.

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Sim only – this is what is used in addition to purchasing a mobile phone. This is often used for people who are not going to be spending lots of money each month on calls, texts and data. In most cases this will tend to be the option that is used for elderly relatives who have the phone as an emergency back up.

Contract – this is the most common way of sourcing a mobile phone and sees you paying a regular monthly amount to your phone provider for the phone and the data and calls and texts that are included in the package. This contract usually runs for two years and at the end of the contract you keep the phone and can either keep paying the same amount for the phone or you can upgrade to a newer phone and package plan.