Why online is better than going into town

December 16, 2020 4:09 am


You might know this feeling. You need to get some new clothes. It’s the middle of winter and the weather outside is frightful, as the old song goes. It’s gloomy and wet and there is something good on the TV. If you go into town you have to get the car out and that means having to pay for parking which is crazy expensive. The other alternative is the bus, which does not have the  best time table plus you’ve got quite a long walk to the stop to catch it. You’ll have to fight through the hordes of other shoppers to get where you want to go. Even then they might not have the size or colour that you like. If they do, plus they have other stuff you like then you’ll have to lug that all back to the car, queue to get out of the car park and then the town only to find that you’ve missed the film that you wanted to watch.

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Alternatively you could switch on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone and just go onto https://www.louisboyd.co.uk/brands/superdry.html and pick out what Superdry Clothes you’d like.  You don’t need to leave the house meaning that you don’t waste car or bus fare and someone else will do all the heavy lifting for you in terms of having to deliver it.

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This is why people are turning away from the traditional model of going to the shops on a Saturday. Why waste all that time when you could be out doing something else? There are other social activities that are now opened up to us by the growth of online. The environmental costs are also considerable as the amount of cars on the road is extremely decreased.