How to use pallet trucks safely

October 6, 2021 4:55 am


Pallets are an excellent way of storing products.  Walk into any particular warehouse and you will see huge ranges of pallets stacked high.  This is prior to them being used for the storage of goods that the warehouse keeps.  Pallets are full or half sized with small slots in the front which allow the addition of trucks to be added to them.  In this way the warehouse workers are able to transport huge amounts of goods around the warehouse and onto the lorries for delivery.

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However care needs to be taken when using a pallet truck.  Training is advised before attempting to use this piece of equipment.  Before then common sense should be employed and this is usually enough to get by with to begin with.  The main rule of thumb is to not overload the pallet truck with what you’re trying to move.

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The prongs of a pallet truck slide into the pallet itself.  Once fully inserted the pallet truck is then pumped up using the hydraulic pressure system.  This is either done manually or by the electrically assisted motor.  It is advisable to raise the pallet slightly off the floor but not too high.  An inch is perfectly adequate, any more than this and you can find the weight becomes dislodged.  The pallet truck should always be pulled and not pushed.  The only time it should be pushed is when slotting it into place ensuring that no one is behind it. Perfect Pallet Trucks are available from