Why it is Important to Protect the Elderly from Falls

December 23, 2020 4:11 am


Although this year most people have been asked to stay at home to protect themselves from the pandemic, for elderly people in particular, being at home can pose another kind of risk – the risk of falls.

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Although for most of us having a fall is not a big deal and certainly not something that we would likely end up in hospital from, for people who are older, particularly over 75 years old, falls become a much more life-threatening problem.

For an older person, a fall can lead to broken bones, internal damage and possibly death, so it is important to protect against them. They can also do damage to people mentally, as they can cause them to lose their confidence and become more fearful of going anywhere in case, they have another fall.

Fall alarm buttons that can be worn as a bracelet are a great way to give people more confidence that they will be able to call someone if they should fall, but there are also great things that can be done to protect against a fall happening.

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When going out and about, it is a good idea for elderly people at risk of a fall to use WAV vehicles such as these from Clarke mobility. This way they can retain more of their independence safely.

Handrails, non-slip mats and stairlifts are other good additions to the home which can protect someone from having a fall.