Gloucestershire is the Green and Pleasant land

December 22, 2020 4:26 am


For anyone thinking of moving to Gloucestershire the answer should be an emphatic yes! One of the best things that you can do is look at Park Homes Gloucestershire on the Park Home Life website. They have a wonderful selection of homes that will get you into the county in an affordable way rather than having to fork out for a very expensive property. Why would you want to come? Here are a few very good reasons.

  1. Walking. Lots and lots of walking. There are so many trails and routes, the biggest and best being the Cotswold way from Chipping Camden in the North to Bath in the South, that you will probably never be able to get through them all.

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  1. The National Trust Properties. Gloucestershire has one of the oldest (in terms of when it was built) and one of the quirkiest. Chedworth Roman Villa is hidden deep in the Cotswolds just up from Cheltenham. Snowshill Manor has wide views of the North Cotswolds. Inside it houses many weird and wonderful treasures, one of them being the largest collection of Samurai Armour outside of Japan.
  2. Woods. There are plenty of trees to wander amongst and under. Many are out in the Cotswolds but if you want a really huge one then the Forest of Dean is the best place to go.

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  1. Lovely villages. Much of the villages out in the Countryside are made from the local Cotswold stone. This yellowish stone is easy to shape and mould so much so that you will see many houses and cottages made from it. The drystone wall is also rightly famous featuring balanced and placed stones to make a wall of real strength.