When the only way is to boil

September 7, 2020 2:57 pm


Water and the application of heat to it creates two things, steam and hot water. This combination of early scientific principles is one of the basis for the study itself. Just as our ancestors had to eat raw meat until someone dropped a bit into the fire and noticed that it tasted a lot better afterwards, they were stuck eating raw vegetables as well. One can only imagine the through process that went through the paleolithic mind. Perhaps the thought occurred that if the meat improves what if we use it on the water. The first result would have been that they noticed they didn’t die of water borne diseases as much once the water had stopped bubbling and cooled down enough to drink.

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The uses for water in a warm state is one that we still use to great effect today. Whilst we do not use open fires as much we are now more inclined to use a boiler system to send hot water around the home to radiators. This is why it is vitally important that you use the services of a Boiler Service Gloucester based company to make sure it is up to date and working to its full capacity.

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Those ancestors must have seen and tasted that the meat becomes tender and tastes better, Therefore would the same effect not happen if the applied vegetables got the heat treatment as well? As the veggies burnt in the open flame perhaps sticking them in water first might be that answer they were looking for to cook them..