How osteoarthritis can affect you

July 27, 2021 4:18 am


Osteoarthritis is a particular type of arthritis and it can cause pain and inflammation in the joints. For some people that have this condition there may be periods of time where their mobility becomes reduced and they may need to use Mobility Aids like the ones from to support their movement. 

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This form of arthritis can affect any joints in your body but it tends to affect the hips, knees and the smaller joints that are found in your hands. It is caused by the cartilage in your joints breaking down which then causes problems with your joints moving and causes pain. 


There are a number of possible causes of osteoarthritis and some issues that can make you more susceptible but it’s overall cause is not clearly known. Here are some of the things that can increase your risk of developing this condition.

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  • Injuries to your joints – if you have had a significant injury to your joint and it has not been allowed to heal sufficiently.


  • Obesity – being overweight puts extra pressure on your joints and on your entire skeleton and this can then cause wear and tear to be increased on your bones and cartilage.


  • Family history – although a gene has not yet been identified that would indicate that it can be passed down a family line, it is thought that it could run in families, although this isn’t a guarantee. 


  • Age – as we age it becomes more likely that you might find that you have problems with your joints. This is just due to the fact that they have been used for longer periods of time as you get older.