Should I Invest in Roadside Assistance?

June 16, 2022 6:14 am


Should I invest in roadside assistance? A subscription to a roadside assistance service is a good idea for anyone who owns a vehicle. This service can save you time and money in the event of a breakdown. If you’re stranded on the road, a tow truck may charge you a high fee to get you out of the situation. Ultimately, roadside assistance pays for itself when you’re in need of assistance.

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Roadside assistance services may be necessary even if you don’t drive a lot. While you’re less likely to get stranded if you don’t drive often, a battery may die quickly. To help you avoid such a catastrophe, most roadside assistance services will jump-start your car for free. You can also benefit from other services provided by roadside assistance, like fuel delivery. Always check the identification of roadside assistance drivers. Their vans should always be clearly displaying the livery of the company, they should carry photo ID and roadside recovery services will always have Chapter 8 regulation chevrons on the rear of the vehicle. Find out more at

Roadside assistance services vary in price. Some cost a monthly or yearly subscription fee, while others are free as a perk from your credit card company or manufacturer of a new car. Some of them will limit the number of towed miles or manual labour hours you’re allowed to use during a year. And while roadside assistance plans may be convenient, they don’t offer unlimited roadside assistance.

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Roadside assistance services vary widely in their coverage and cost. Basic plans may include towing, while others may include fuel delivery, which is an added benefit if you’re running low on fuel. Make sure to learn about the benefits of roadside assistance before investing in a plan. You can find a plan that fits your needs and budget.

If you travel long distances and rely on your vehicle for work, consider roadside assistance. While it’s not compulsory, roadside assistance can be useful when you’re stuck on the side of the road. However, if you’re worried about excessive roadside assistance use, be sure to check your policy to see whether it’s an option.

The cost of a roadside assistance plan will vary from auto manufacturer to auto club. Many of them cover the first hour of labour and 10% of the final bill. In addition, some plans have limits on the number of people they cover. It is always best to check with the policy you’re considering before purchasing a plan.