Important things to know about bifold doors

July 28, 2020 4:31 pm


Bifold doors are more expensive but certainly worth the investment in case you are considering home renovations. These doors produce exceptional aesthetics when installed. But you have to choose the right door to get the effect you want for your home.

Here are a few key tips you can follow:

Do not fall for low or high prices

The cheapest is not really the best and the most expensive may not guarantee the quality you want. A bifold door features an entire system in which the design, precision engineering and material selection plays an important role in determining the appearance and functioning of the doors. You need to at various doors and personally see how they operate to decide which is the best for your needs. For Aluminium Bifold Doors, visit

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The materials used in the manufacture

Bifolds can be made from wood, steel, uPVC or even aluminium framed sections. Wood doors can block the view and become weighty. uPVC materials can deflect and distort which will affect the door function. Steel doors can be heavy. Aluminium is the best material for bifold doors as it is relatively stable. Aluminium is easier from a maintenance point of view too, as powder coated, or organic anodized aluminium does not need paint or routine maintenance.

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Bottom or top rolling

Bifold doors can roll from the bottom or be top hung. Hung above the door is a popular choice because they do not collect debris and leaves. It also hides the mechanism.