The Marvellous M5 Motorway

July 27, 2020 3:40 pm


Living alongside the one hundred and sixty-two miles of the M5 Motorway has its perks as well as its downfalls but residents of the many Cities, towns and villages along its route have plenty of praise to heap upon its name.  Opened in 1962 the M5 Motorway runs from the M6’s junction 8 near West Bromwich, heading South until terminating at junction 31 for Exeter, the Motorway was finally completed in 1977.

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When the route is clear, uncongested and there are no accidents or roadworks to hold up your journey driving along the M5 is a pleasure as you pass through some of the most beautiful Countryside and landscapes.  From the Sandwell Valley through Worcester, Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Bridgewater and a Care Home Taunton, the countryside is filled with fields of green, rivers of turquoise blue and trees of bright orange, red and green leaves.  To find a good, professional Care Home in Taunton go online and look for companies such as and make an appointment to go and visit one.

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A firm favourite with holiday makers travelling from the North, including Cities like Birmingham and Towns like Droitwich.  The sea-side resorts of Weston-Super-Mare, Exmouth, Dawlish, Teignmouth and Paignton are easily accessible using the M5 going South and the large, International Airport of Birmingham is quickly accessed going North. Of course, there are times when accidents occur and roadworks slow the traffic down to a crawl but the benefits of getting quickly from one side of the Country to the other vastly out way any pitfalls.