Types of Shelving Systems You Might Need

April 9, 2021 4:29 am


A shelving unit is a specially designed storage cabinet or other outcrops for holding supplies and equipment. It is normally flat and vertical, but may have some adjustable components such as drawers, shelves, and racks. They are usually placed against walls or in storage spaces like closets or the garage. They may also be free-standing structures like the ones you can see from Rackzone.

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Some examples of shelving are bin shelving, pallet shelving, roll-off shelves, and wire shelving. A bin shelving system usually consists of a series of flat panels or bins stacked high and at least two levels off the floor. The height of the units is limited only by the height of the bins and any additional accessories (e.g., wicker baskets, saddle racks, coat racks) on top of the units. Pallets shelving is made of wood, plastic, metal, or composite materials. Roll-off shelves are constructed of multiple metal slats connected to a center support bar.

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Wire shelving resembles pallet racking, but is made of galvanized steel wire, which makes it more sturdy and resistant to corrosion. Roller systems are typically used for hot and sweaty areas. Most units are manufactured to be highly adaptable and customizable. You can add accessories to suit your needs. Metal industrial shelving includes racks, drawers, and fixtures such as wire baskets, wire bins, and metal industrial shelves.