How to Make Getting Back to the Office Easier for Anxious Employees

July 28, 2021 5:08 am


Getting back to the office is something that comes with a mix of emotions after the pandemic – it is for some people exciting to get back to normal, and enjoy being in the office around colleagues again, but for others, there is a fear of returning to work, with the virus still around it can be a difficult adjustment to make.

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Something that is important when you are getting people back to the office is making sure that people feel safe to be there. Here are a few things that you can do in the office to make it as safe as possible and to help people who may be worried with their transition back into the office to work…

It is well known that good ventilation is important when it comes to reducing the risks of transferring respiratory illnesses, so make sure that windows are open and that rooms are well aired out.

Cleaning is essential especially in these pandemic times, so having the office cleaned professionally by someone like this contract cleaning Cheltenham based company Big Green Cleaning and keeping on top of cleaning areas that are regularly touched, such as doorhandles, light switches and keyboards.

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Some offices are simply not big enough to be able to spread people out, so a good solution to this is adding clear Perspex ‘sneeze barriers’ between desks, particularly if they are directly facing one another.