Fire up the boilers. How the Titanic got itself going

September 30, 2020 1:37 pm


The unsinkable ship that sank was still one of the most impressive ever made. It was the British class system in microcosm with the opulence and luxury of the upper decks to pack them in and the “make your own arrangements” of steerage below. The fact that statistically people in the lower decks were more likely to be a victim of the sinking is never widely discussed. This proud flagship of the White Star line had been built in Northern Ireland and set sail on its maiden voyage with the promise of many trips back and forth across the Atlantic for years to come.

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One of its most  impressive features was the way it was powered. There were 29 of the coal hungry monsters that needed to move the tons of steel and wood across the ocean’s surface. The amount of metal taken to build them was impressive and the manpower required to keep them fed was also huge. Hardly any of the men who maintained them survived as they tried to keep the power going long enough for people above them for lights. They would certainly have needed the attention of a Boiler Servicing Cheltenham based company to make sure they were running ok. Blu Fish Boiler Servicing Cheltenham way is certainly up for the job.

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There were 159 coal burning furnaces eating up a huge amount of resources and also being constantly on. The heat was intense but nothing was powered by machine it was all feed by hand and by shovel,