How To Deal With Blocked Sink Pipes

March 24, 2021 3:54 pm


Blocked sinks are among the easiest to fix plumbing problems and tend to be caused many times  by simply allowing too many things to go down the drainage without putting something in to keep  the flow. Scouring is often required to get too hard to reach areas where liquid might be gathering before you can do any plumbery. Be careful when using chemicals as they are very poisonous if handled incorrectly or just left in a drain for a long period of time.

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Solid fats can also be an issue and should never be dumped into a toilet or sink. Many fats are liquid then set hard when they initially resurface at room temperature but become liquid again when they’re heated up. Water should always be run after heavy meals and always after flushing toilet fixtures are used. Plumbing problems involving blocked sinks or pipes should be called out to the service company for examination. If you have a large problem, this might mean calling in a licensed plumber. If the blockages have caused damages to the drainage pipes outside you might have to think about using a Drain Lining company like Wilkinson Environmental to fix this for you.

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There are a few tools that will assist in loosening a blocked sink pipe. A wire coat hanger with a bent wire on the end will usually work, but it won’t loosen a solid block very much. Using a plunger, however, is very useful in loosening many types of clogs.