How to Deal With a Property Dispute

November 25, 2021 6:17 pm


If you’re facing a property dispute, knowing how to handle it is important. Many disputes arise over property boundaries and legal boundaries. A property surveyor can help you understand what your and your neighbours’ legal rights are. If you’re not sure where your neighbour’s property boundary line is, consider hiring a surveyor to determine the exact location of your property. Then, write to your neighbor and explain the facts of your dispute.

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Property disputes can be large or small, and the first step is to understand the nature of the issue. While some conflicts do affect the marketability of your title, others don’t. For instance, a new home builder may pour a concrete driveway that crosses a neighbour’s property. A small issue like this can turn into a larger problem if it’s not fixed quickly. Ultimately, it’s up to the two parties to figure out how to settle the dispute. For legal advice, consider Ascot solicitors like

A property dispute can be a difficult situation. If you’re living with a property line dispute, don’t let it go unresolved. Don’t ignore it if you think it’s unfair. If you have a neighbour that’s encroaching on your property, it’s best to respond with a peace-keeping solution, gather all the paperwork you can and seek legal advice. Inaction can end up costing you a portion of your land if you fail to act.

While a property dispute can be resolved without litigation, it’s important to understand the legal consequences of ignoring it. Not only can it affect your property value, but it can also lead to encroachment and adverse possession. It is important to take action early to avoid any possible consequences. For example, if you’re unable to sell your property, your neighbour could file for eminent domain, which means you can’t get full compensation for your property.

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A property dispute can affect the value of your property. If a building encroaches on another person’s property, it can ruin a sale. When selling a home, it’s important to disclose the dispute to potential buyers and mortgage lenders. In addition to the legal consequences, the encroachment can be costly. It’s therefore important to try and resolve the dispute prior to putting it on the market.

If the dispute is over a property boundary, you can also consider mediation. Mediation is an excellent option if the dispute is small. A mediator can help you and your neighbour come to an agreement without the need for legal intervention. This can often lead to a much simpler solution. If you and your neighbour can’t agree on a resolution, then consider settling out of court, but be sure to have a clear survey that covers everything in relation to the dispute.