Are you using your conservatory to its full potential?

December 1, 2020 4:33 am


Maybe you’ve had one added or maybe you’ve inherited it when you purchased the property but a conservatory is usually an excellent addition to the home. However, are you really using it to its full potential or are you wondering what you can do with it in the first place? Here are a few simple ideas so you can start to really use it to its full capacity.

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  1. A home office. With the increasing numbers of us working from home (and those of us that are not wanting to go back into the office) this windowed room might well provide the answer as a base for work or for study. A decent desk and awning to protect you from the Sun on clear days might be all you need. Or maybe get a Curtains Tewkesbury based company to come in  and fit a set of coverings that will allow in the sunlight to give you the best natural light to work in or keep it out to create shade.


  1. A home Gym.  As Spandau Ballet once sang you can “work till your musclebond” in the conservatory and have a nice view of your garden as you do it. As most overlook the back garden this should provide you with a bit of privacy as well.

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  1. A craft and hobby room. Let the garden view inspire you to paint and create. The conservatory makes a wonderful spot to be inspired. If you have a hard floor this makes the whole thing wipe clean as well.


  1. A playroom. If you have little ones, don’t clog up their bedrooms with their toys, you could create a beautiful play space in your conservatory and have an extended outdoor section to your home.