A famous folktale from Ireland.

January 25, 2021 4:24 pm


Ireland is renowned for its folktales. They date back to the Dark Ages in many cases and centre around the exploits of the Fianna and Tuatha De Danann, a race of perfect humans that came and settled the emerald isle before the arrival of St Patrick. The saint’s arrival and success in converting the people to Catholicism is still celebrated today and some St Patricks Day Gifts are the perfect way to do that. Here is one of the most famous tales to come out  of Ireland.  It’s easy to see why the tales of this nation have had a profound influence and effect on the world.

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Much of the tales of Ireland centre around the Tuatha De Danann. These are the inhabitants of the island before the Gaels came and they retreat under the ground to become the famous fey folk or fairies to help, guide and hinder humans.

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Their leader was Dagda and he has an impressive harp. It was made of magic and it was greatly desired by the Tuath’s bitter enemies the Formors, a race of half human half fish people. Balor, the Formor’s leader, wanted to capture the harp for himself and he made a great battle on the Tuatha to capture it. This was a success and a large Formor army escaped with it. Dagda gathered a small band to hunt for the harp. He found it and the Formors in a castle. He was greatly outnumbered but he called to the Harp and it came to him. He played a gentle tune and it sent the Formor army to sleep allowing the Tuatha  to escape unharmed.